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Top online shopping sites in Nepal

Online shopping platform has a great potential in Nepal, with the introduction of more players for delivery, products/brands, and payment solution. With the proliferation of smartphones and online communities, people have started to prefer these portals for their shopping needs. The app-based online shopping in Nepal has also grown significantly.

Here are some top online shopping sites in Nepal.

1. Daraz (

2. SastoDeal (

3. Nepbay (

4. Socheko (

5. Hamrobazaar (

6. Gajabko (

7. Bhatbhateni Online Shopping (

8. Smart Doko (

9. KTM Plaza (

10. Red Doko (

11. Rara Mart (

12. OkDam (

13. Mero Kirana (

14. Zimisa (

15. Thulo (

16. Muncha (

17. Metro Tarkari (

18. Cake9 (

19. Choicemandu (

20. Style97 (

Hope the above information helps you to find out reliable online shopping site in Nepal. There are so many other sites selling online, we have listed some of the popular online sites.

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